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I'm not receiving texts from people with iPhones

I just got a second phone number with koodo and cannot receive texts from people with an iPhone. I can send and receive from/to non Apple and my texts mostly show up on other people's iphones but no texts from iPhones come to my phone. The number is New to me and I have never linked it to imessage. I've tried to call koodo but the number just says they have high call volume and hangs up. Any ideas???

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Maybe double check that it didn't link or that it's routing via messages on a mac?
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I wonder if the number was formerly attached to someone’s iMessage account, and not removed?
So upon further investigation. The problem is not specific to iPhones but just random phones. I sent txt to several friends and some were received while others werent. Bothiphone and non iPhone users on multiple providers. Also the line goes straight to voicemail when I call it.
Additionally, during the entire operating hours, 186699koodo says they have high call volume and then hangs up on me. *611 is busy and after hours I get thru but was on hold for over an hour before being disconnected. How can you have high call volumes when they're not answering the phone??