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I'm having dozens of software issues with my Koodo LG3 phone ...how doi get in contact with someone to work through these issues?

  • 13 March 2016
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Bluetooth connection intermittent, Wi-Fi turns off on its own, resets my mobile data consumption to high numbers and cuts my mobile connection, resets to actual numbers after I turn my phone off and turn it back on ...happened three times so far ...I've done the factory reset on my phone three times since I had it I. November

2 replies

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Sounds like a lemon. It's under warranty. Take it to a local Koodo shop and have them send it out for repair. They can provide loaners (pending stock availability) or you can use another one in the mean time.
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Hi Dwight, 

If your device is still under the 1 year manufacturer's warranty, here's more detailed information on that: http://koo.do/Kwarranty :)