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I'm being charged for call forwarding calls that I never make or receive

Hi there,

Apparently, over the past few years, my account has been charged for $1.35 extra each month, or more, to calls to Anaheim. I never made these calls, nor do I even receive them.

I keep waiting for this issue to resolve itself, but it hasn't yet, I'm wondering  how I can fix this? If possible re compensated, too. I'd definitely like to block it, but I don't know how.

Thanks in advance 

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What phone do you have? Is it a koodo phone or a phone you got from the states (ebay kijiji or private sale)? I ask because the voicemail center may need to be reprogrammed to send calls to koodo voicemail instead of whomever that phones provider was.
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Per the koodo terms of service, you have one month to dispute any charges on your bill. If you have been waiting for this problem to resolve itself for a few years, good luck getting a credit for any charges older than that.
Try entering this in your phone dialer:
Then press Send.

You may see a prompt stating "MMI Code started."  Wait a few seconds and it will return a different prompt if the Call Forwarding code is active and to which number.  If it says None, then you should be good there.

You can also try these other codes:

All codes listed above are for checking the status.  Codes to cancel or activate can be found in the source link below.

Source: http://www.geckobeach.com/cellular/secrets/gsmcodes.php
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Hey Agnes, 

I think Chad may be on to something.

I did an internet search using the information you provided and I stumbled across an independent voicemail service called Youmail (with the number 714-204-3114).
If this is the number your calls are being redirected too, my recommendation would be to cancel the service as shown here http://bit.ly/1Iw0Nvs. Even if you never had an account with them, you can still deactivate call forwarding by following these instructions http://koo.do/1IfSnco (use the code for Koodo).

For futher assistance please contact our tech support department at 1-866-995-6636 (option 6 from another line).

Hope this helps!