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I'm a little confused..

I got a text from koodo a couple days ago letting me know my ebill is ready and giving me my total. But when i signed in to view the bill it tells me i don't owe anything. Why is that?

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If you have automatic payments it may have already processed and you didn't notice. Check your bank and credit card statements. There's usually a delay in Self Serve but you would have seen it on there if you received that message.
Agreed. I think you would have seen it on your page.
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Hey guys! Just to add, the SMS notifications are sent out as soon as we know the total amount of your invoice, however it can take up to 5 days after the start of your billing cycle for your invoice to be printed and available in your account. Since you already got your SMS, the invoice should be available for viewing soon! 🙂
Awesome thanks!
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You're very welcome! 🙂