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I love my new phone.

I went to upgrade my phone with another carrier, they told me I couldnt upgrade due to payments not being on time. I had a broken phone, and a cellphone bill to boot. I went into the wireless store at walmart. Looking for an unlocked phone, the lady asked what was going on, she said let me run you through koodo. Instantly approved, have no idea why my previous carrier didnt want to help me. They ported over my number, now I am with koodo and so far I love it. You fixed my day, I went from disappointed to really excited. The Galaxy s4 is probably one of the best phones I ever used. Thank you koodo!

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Who would have thought a cellphone company can actually make someone happy? 🙂 But you are not the only one so koodo must be doing something right.
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You probably had a past due amount and/or a credit limit on the account with your old provider which prevented the upgrade. I'm glad Koodo took you though, so enjoy the phone! Just make sure to pay on time with Koodo now.
I had a credit limit, they lied to me that I could upgrade. But at least now I have a phone, with no spending cap. My father is going to get a phone too. Surprisingly my old provider was pc mobile, a telus based company at that. Koodo is slightly more expensive, but it is better run with better incentives and easy contract terms. Atleast koodo didnt leave me in the dust!