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I lost my phone and want to switch everything to a new phone. how do I do this?

I lost my phone and I was wondering if anyone knew how to switch my plan from the lost phone to a new one. I've already deactivated the phone.

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Since we're talking about an android let's assume you had a Google account on your old phone and that you had chosen to sync everything. If that's the case then if you get another android you'll only need to sign in with your Google account and during that process your new phone will ask you if you want to restore all your apps and settings. Just say yes and most of the goodies will flow over to your new phone. Excluding pictures or text messages or other media If you didn't have a Google account attached to the old phone then you'll have to just go through and reset everything by hand. Boo. After you do so I highly recommend getting a free Google account just incase this happens again. Good Luck Ps when you get your new phone it will come with a new sim card. Just go into self-serve and you'll be able to swap your service over to the new card.
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If I understand correctly, you've suspended your account? It needs to be undone for you to upgrade/use service again.
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Your going to have to go to a koodo kiosk or Koodo store. To get your old plan switched to a new phone.