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I lost my Nexus 5 and need help figuring out how to track it but also cut it off so it is unusable!!!! helpp please,,,

  • 18 April 2015
  • 2 replies


2 replies

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Hi Janelle, If you had purchased an anti-virus software for your phone (such as norton) and registered it, then you can track your phone and remotely erase and lock it. If you did not, and activated the find my android utility then you can use that to track it. As Ahmad said, all of this had to be done before it was lost and can't help you now that you have lost the device. You can also go in Koodo self-serve to report the device as lost/stolen and block all communication to and from your phone. Doing so, as Ahmad pointed out will not allow you to track it if you had the software installed on it to track it down. Hope this helps!
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Just a headsup: If you suspend your service, your phone can't be tracked whatsoever. Also, Koodo can't help you track your phone. If you didn't install an app to do so or use the built-in find my android utility that some androids have(must have been set up first, too late now), then you're out of luck at this point.