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I just had my phone repaired and the screen broke

I just recently had my phone repaired and just got it back my phone is still under warranty and the screen accidentally broke. Now what I find funny is with my old phone with my case on (it's plastic) nothing happened to the screen. I just got my nexus 5 back two days ago the day after I drop it accidentally on the ground and the whole entire screen broke you can actually see the light. I read a lot of posts saying you guys do not cover any physical damage but I was wondering if you cover any physical damage with the basic warranty after I got it back from the repair centre in Toronto because my old phone has never gotten broken before the screen never easily cracked. I can vouch for a lot of us with not having much money these days so I was wondering since it is probably the repair centre's fault for giving me such a flimsy screen or replacement phone if there's a chance I can get a replacement one sent to me or rather the koodo store near me?

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It's probably their fault you dropped it, too
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No. You dropped your phone; Some of the hardest falls wont break a screen and some of the lightest ones will. Next phone purchase I'd look into adding the extended warranty that covers physical and liquid damage
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Also next phone get a Tempered Glass screen protector I swear by them and will never use a phone without one, I actually do not take a new phone out of the box until I have one ready to go on it. They are not like any of the plastic screen protectors that take away from the viewing experience slightly they are crystal clear and you can't even tell they are there, and when you drop your phone it will 99.9% of the time crack the glass screen protector and you just peel it off and the screen underneath is still perfect. I usually grab 2 or 3 of them off eBay for $20 or $30 and your good to go no worries at all about damaging your phones actual display / glass front, it's the best investment you'll ever make for a smartphone without question IMO. You can get expensive ones from some of the name brand companies but they are no better than the cheap ones you can get off eBay and get 2 or 3 for the same price as the name brand ones. Tempered Glass screen protectors, never leave home without them.
Yeah next phone I'm going to get a good screen protector, a otter box too probably, and make damn sure that it won't ever break on me again. I swear I just got it back and all of a sudden it broke. I showed it to my friend and he said they probably just gave me a brand new phone, or gave me one with a flimsy screen that as you aid Ahmad could easily break if it's even two inches from the ground or can take major damage if it's 10 feet from the ground lmao.
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Kino Saigawa wrote:

Yeah next phone I'm going to get a good screen protector, a otter box too probably, and make damn...

Phones are strange.
I've heard horror stories of phones being completely destroyed by a one foot drop onto carpet with a case on.
And some people who leave them on the roof of the car and drive off and its completely fine!!
From what I gather, if it hits the exact corner it's more likely to break badly.
Good luck with your next device 🙂

Kino Saigawa wrote:

Yeah next phone I'm going to get a good screen protector, a otter box too probably, and make damn...

Yeah ikr? Phones definitely are a strange strange thing lol. Thanks for the luck next time I am definitely getting a rubber case and a screen protector lol.
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You might also want to consider upgrading. The Nexus 5 is still a good phone but it's hit the 2 year mark now. If you have a low (or non existent) Tab balance, you could get a new phone for less than you think upfront. It's an option to avoid paying for a repair.
Well I don't have a low tab balance is still quite large. If it was at the two year mark I'd just pay the difference but sadly I don't.