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I just had a 2.75GB data spike at 3am

I usually use about 50MB-100MB per day, and that's worst case scenario as I have full wifi at home and work and friends' places. Yesterday in the middle of the night, there was a massive 2.75 GB spike. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Edge S7. 
There are no overnight updates whatsoever (which would go on wifi anyway) and I didn't use or download anything near that one shot amount every.

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Was the WI-FI weak?  Were you watching Youtube or video online?  It is possible that your friend's wifi may weak  signal and that caused your connection to switch to phone data.

In your Wi-Fi setting, did you have Smart network switch on?

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Your phone should have a catalog of what data has been consumed and by what app. This information should help find the culprit. You can then decide how you want to manage it.