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I just changed our data plans today and within 1 minute my husband recieved 5 warnings

  • 28 July 2015
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I just changed our data plans today from a $40 with 300MB to $35 with 50MB on our LG Nexus phones as we no longer need the data, and within 1 minute my husband received 5 warnings. The first saying he had used 50% of data, the second saying he had used 90%, the third saying he had spent $10 on data, the fourth saying he had spent $25 on data, and the fifth saying he was spending $50 on data. How is this possible in 1 minute? How do I correct this?

2 replies

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He must have used more data than that included in the plan you changed to, 50mb of data is not that much at all and can be used up watching less than a minute of video or downloading a large file, game, ect. It may also be an error in the system from the change so you might want to call customer service, dial *611 from your mobile device and they should be able to tell you where the data occurred exactly. You can also go into your phones settings and check under data usage to see what data you've used
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The $40 plan has 500 MB and the $35 plan has 300 MB, (unless this is an older plan). You can only change rate plans once per billing cycle. My thinking is that you must have been very close to 300 MB of data usage on the old plan. When you switched to a plan with lesser data, the system 'sees' that you're close to your data limit and that's why you received the warnings.

The system will ask if you want more data, if you agree, you're charged in increments of $10, $25 and $50. Once you reach the $50 mark and used the data, data is cutoff as per CRTC regulations. If you've just purchased the phone and your within what Koodo calls their ten day 'grace' period, you can disregard the warnings. The grace period allows customers to familiarize themselves with their phone and how it consumes data. Beyond that, you're responsible for the charges.