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I have UNLIMITED 4G LTE Data + SMS + Phone Throughout Canada/US/Mexico with T-Mobile for $80/month. Only 2gb with Koodo for this price.???

With my USA T-Mobile plan, I have unlimited Calling/SMS AND LTE 4G Data ALL over Canada/USA/Mexico with Bell's network for $80/month.

 For the same price you get only 3GB with Koodo in only 1 country.

 Why would I ever stay with Koodo? 

Get an Unlimited Data Plan - It's 2015, guys.

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Glad to see you've found a solution. But let's read the fine print of T-mobile's user agreement before going whole hog.


[b]"Not for extended international use; you must reside in the U.S. and primary usage must occur on our U.S. network."

Perfect for someone with a US billing address, US credit card and social security number to pass their credit check. Your phone number will be US, so any Canadian callers will pay for long distance.

Probably not for most of us Canucks.

But if T-Mobile can do it, there's no reason Canadian suppliers can't come closer if the bulk of the use is in Canada.