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I have two phone plans (mine & daughter's). Can I use my surplus tab on one plan to pay the tab on the other phone?

I have a new phone and will not be using my tab in the forseeable future. Could I use my surplus to pay down my daughter's tab?

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Hi Kelly. The short answer is no, but the long answer is you can work around this.
You can take a phone upgrade on your line with the discounted tab (using your tab surplus). Then you can pass the phone to your daughter. She can then insert her sim card and start using the phone. The phone warranty would be tied to your line. Since both lines are under your account (to your name), you still end up subsidizing the phone on one line or the other.
This just means that if your daughter is paying you back for her line, you'd have her pay you her base plan plus your tab (or however you choose to manage it).