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I have the note 2 on my tab but want to get the note 4 now that you guys at koodo have it.

I had bought the Samsung galaxy note 2 in august and you guys didnt have the 3 or 4 at the time... now would I have to pay off my current tab in order to get the note 4 on my tab contract or what do I have to do to get the note 4?

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Log into your self serve account, Click the Tab tab You'll find a link there to pay off your tab You may then use the tab again towards your new device However, if you want you can also just buy the device outright and sell your Note 2 to offset the cost.
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Your able to go into a Koodo shop to do the upgrade. Since you already have a Note 2 on the tab, when you upgrade you will have to pay off your current tab balance if you want to get a discount on the Note 4. On the other hand, if you wanted to go in, you can also pay full price for the Note 4 and then you wouldn't be required to pay off your tab at that time.
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New Note 2 price fluctuating around $250 net on Koodo site, so you will have a hard time selling for much more than $150 unlocked. In bigger US market, they will sell used for about $200 unlocked, but prices are dropping. Up to you to decide if paying rest of tab and getting Note 4 is worth it $$$. http://www.androidorigin.com/samsung-galaxy-note-4-vs-note-3-2-compare-specs/