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I have funds and automatic top up but can't make calls

Base plan expired. I topped up online and it says I have a balance of $$ but it's still expired. Tried automatic top up. Tried calling Koodo at *611 to speak to a representative about why I have funds and automatic top up but can't make calls, and I get this automated voice message, " You will be charged $5.00 for this call to speak to a live person. Please go to our website to resolve your issue instead." Is this a joke??? What awful service.

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The charge is only if you're trying to do something that is normally available on Self Serve. Since it's not letting you, just explain that to the rep on the phone and they won't charge the fee.
*611 will always allow you to call regardless of $$ amounts on your account, just simply ignore the warning of the charge and try again.
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I wouldn't just ignore cause they do charge for service you can do yourself. My mother in law did. She was ok with it because they told her up front and she'd rather the rep do it for her. In this case the OP may not know how her prepaid service works. If your base plan expired you could still have funds for other services but without a base plan you won't be able to access it. It's pretty clear to me and certainly requires no time to waste on a call. She just needs to renew her base plan online. Simple as that.