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I have an LG-P769, is this compatible with Koodo?

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According to the spec sheets I'm looking at for that model No it will Not work on Koodo unfortunately.
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According to GSMarena, no. It only has 1700/2100 bands used by T-Mobile. The phone will not work on Koodo. I highly recommend you look at something else anyway. That phone is running an outdated and RAM heavy laggy Android version, a very weak processor, and low storage... although it has a microSD slot. It doesn't necessarily have to be from Koodo (that's ideal) but it has to support HSPA/WCDMA bands 850 and 1900. If you want to go cheap, Moto G is $150 or $0 down on Tab Small. It will be right up your alley (aside from having no microSD slot). It's basically a much, much better version of the L9. A 4.5" 720p IPS display that looks great, 1.2 GHz quad core Snapdragon 400 that will be great for day to day tasks, 8GB of storage, and running the latest version of Android.
Good to know, thank you for the info!