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I have a very old LG device. Telus is upgrading to a 4G network & cancelling my service. Can buy a S6 from Walmart & use a plan from Koodo?

I have a very old sliding keyboard LG device (Model: LGIP-340N). Telus is upgrading to a 4G network & thus cancelling my service. I want to switch to Koodo. Can buy the S6 from Walmart, unlock it & use a plan from Koodo? Can I do this from a Walmart? Also, can I port my Telus cell # over to Koodo? I am in Ottawa, Ontario. 

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Your should be able to arrange a Koodo plan with the S6 at Walmart. As part of that process, you can port your Telus phone number to Koodo. Just bring your Telus account info with you when you buy your Koodo phone. Once your number is ported, your Telus account will be closed, and you'll receive a final invoice from them with any final costs.
Ok, thank you! 🙂
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Don't cancel your telus line before porting in case you were unaware, it will not work if you cancel before porting. Once the port is complete, telus should just cancel your account and send you a final bill.