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I have a Samsung Galaxy Rugby, how do I block harassing txt from unknown source?

Would really like to not have these annoying/harassing txts. Please help.

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Koodo does not offer a service to block unwanted texts. You can look for an app to download to your phone for that. I know there are lots out there. Personally, I haven't had a need for one so I don't know any names offhand. You could always google "text blocking app for android" and see what the results are. Look at the reviews for the apps and the permissions to avoid any negative situations on your phone. If they are solicitaions like surveys, horoscopes, quizzes, etc. Just reply with the word "STOP"
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Handcent, goes pro, chomp (my favorite). All have options to block or ignore these messages.
Thanks for the suggestions, will look into an app.