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I have a question about getting a new phone using my tab

Let start off by saying I have a $20 dollar plan before koodo raised the price. And I want to get a new phone using my $150 tab. On the new phone could I use the $20 plan or do I need to get a new plan?

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Hi Shawn, You can stay on your plan, lucky you 😃 You qualify for Tab S which is basically the same as your old tab, except Koodo provides 15% and it's paid off in two years 🙂
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Like Sophia said you'd definitely be able to keep your plan! If you went with Tab M or Tab L though, you would be required to change your plan. With Tab M, the plan must be a minimum of $30.00, where as Tab L requires one of our Tab L plans. 🙂
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Hey Shawn, Good Morning, yes you can keep the same plan. But Koodo has now changed the policy about the tab. If you have any negative tab balances, you will have to pay that off in store or on your next bill before you are eligible to upgrade. Hope this helps.