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I have a LG3 can I bring it in and go on your plans

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Hi Corinne, You can bring the G3 over to Koodo as long as its either A) Unlocked or 😎 locked to Telus. And as long as its the Canadian model of the G3 (D852). You can always get it unlocked for fairly cheap and then bring it over and get a Koodo plan! Hope this helped!
hi Corinne parry,yes you can bring in the phone as long as it unlock if so you can look it up on google to unlock it just bring it in and they will tell you from there

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Hi Corinne!

If your LG G3 is unlocked, clcik here http://koo.do/1aU1u0o to make sure that it's compatible with our network. It probably is but just in case 🙂