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I have a LG Nexus and it's draining my data, how can I stop it?

  • 18 February 2014
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4 replies

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Turn the data off. Settings...Data Usage...turn Mobile Data off
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Under accounts in settings you could sync from automatic to manual for things like email. Not sure where the exact location is but you can set automatic google play updates to install over wifi only as well. Finally you can use 3G watchdog. The paid version breaks down how much data each app is using so you can find the real problem apps that way.
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I believe you can also restrict certain apps from using data under the settings. Go to Settings > Data Usage, and scroll down to the section that shows apps. Select one and then check the box that says "restrict background data"
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Also using any widgets such as weather,Playstore recommendations, ect will consume data each time it refreshes and shows something new. You can remove those widgets or some can be set in the app they are for to refresh less often to not use as much data.