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I have a credit balance that I would like to recieve but I am unsure how

I have recently switched my phone provider. I used to be with koodoo but switched to a different company. My most recent bill says that there is a total due of -$7.91. below that it says "You have a credit balance- no payment is required this month". I have just called koodoo and was put on hold for 14 minutes and I still do not have my question answered. I would like this money transferred into my bank account or receive a cheque in the mail. How do I go about receiving my balance.

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Hi Emma, you would stay on the line with koodo customer service and they will talk to you about mailing Nuit a cheque to you for the amount overpaid if that is your final bill. You can also contact Koodo by sending them a Private message to their FB page or Twitter account where they can verify your account and further assist you on this matter.