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I got new connection today under the name of my brother. But I got referral under my name and email.

I got new connection today under the name of my brother. But I got referral under my name. I have register my new number with my name and now after getting this email that you are registered and verified your email. I am getting this message that "you are still waiting to be approved. looks like the account has already been linked to another email address. you are still waiting for the permission from the owner of the email address. we will email you once you are approved" Even though I have already got the email of approval but nothing seems to be working. Can you please help how can I get the referral money. Thanks

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Did you follow the steps and unlock the referral prior to activating the new account, Sahil? That is the first step in the process, outlined here, and needs to be initiated prior to activating your new line as it unlocks your referral invite. Then, once the activation is complete, you can return to the site and select the option for 'My friend referred me', and complete the process. Keep in mind that your profile is linked to your Koodo account, so if the account is under your brothers name, you'll need access to the self-serve login details. If you run into any other questions or anything isn't clear, you can send an inquiry through here

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When you got the new connection, was this a separate account or an additional line under your account?

Also when you gave them your email for the new connection, was it the same email as your current account?