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I got a new phone, Everything works but mobile data. How can I fix?

My phone broke so I got the same one from a friend (my on a contract or anything) popped my SIM card in and everything works (text, call, etc) except my mobile data. How do I fix this?

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well an indefinite way to fix it would to be to bring this new phone with the sim card in it to a koodo kiosk and letting them know what has happened they may be able to get your "new" phone to get the data
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What phone is it and what company is he with? Was the phone unlocked?
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It's an android phone so you need to navigate to: Settings Wireless and Networks More Mobile networks Make sure Data is enabled or packet data is enabled Next, under the same heading, look for "access point names" Make sure Koodo.sp is there and selected. If not you'll need to add it. Here are the settings