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I entered my PIN and it says my phone is now locked and cannot be used other than WIFI.

  • 18 December 2017
  • 3 replies

I set up my SIM card PIN at the kiosk today when i activated my account. I entered my PIN in and it says my phone is now permanently locked and cannot be used for anything other than WIFI. I need my phone unlocked I have all the paperwork and I'm very disappointed as this is my first day with the company and i already have issues

3 replies

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Hi Hannah,

Is it asking for the PUK code? If so you will need to ask Koodo for it via Facebook.
No it was asking for my SIM card PIN. It said SIM card locked please Enter PIN and I did and I thought it needed my to confirm it but it locked it.
It states that my network is blocked. Emergency calls only