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I don't know what is

I paid for 3 month bill(Sep,Oct,Nov) on Nov 20. and I just login in Koodo mobile self servie.
I don't get it what does mean by Mobile Reconnection Fee .
I am very confused.

And Second picture..I didn't use anything wrong...?

And They charged me Mobile Reconnection Fee .
What is that fee for..? I am confused. Because It never happened to me before.

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It seems you were more than 90 days between payments, and your phone service was disconnected, thus requiring a reconnection fee be paid to re-establish your service.
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If your service is suspended because of overdue charges, when you pay your over due amount, Koodo charged you $35 to un-suspend your service.  That $35 is per phone #, so if you have 2 or more lines connected to your account you would be charged $35/phone number to re-enable service