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I changed my plan but I realized the other one was better

So I changed my $25 plan to a $30 plan with 100 minutes and 100mb of data. But I forgot that my gf and I talk often and I need minutes and data so I want to change to the $40 plan but its been only a week. Can I change to the $40 and pay an extra 10 dollars and add the extra data and minutes or do I have to pay the whole $40 and restart my billing cycle.

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It will become prorated and broken down into the total number of days under each plan so you'll pay 7 days worth of the previous plan then and the rest of the month would be charged as 40. It would com to a little under 40 for the month. There will be no restart of your billing cycle.
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According to the link below, you can only change your monthly plan once per month. (See the last bullet point). Your plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling from 5 pm to 8 am, Monday through Thursday and 5 pm Friday to 8 am Monday. You may want to make calls during those times to conserve your minutes.

Edit: Scroll down and click on "What happens to my bill when I make changes to my account?"

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You could also consider merging your and your girlfriend's accounts and talk to each other for free... Just a thought.
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Hi Changbin! You can contact us on our Facebook or Twitter accounts if you want us to help you directly with your rate plan issue 🙂