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I cant send pictures via text anymore?

I have a basic 15$/month texting plan on my samsung galaxy sII phone. I have always been able to send pictures via text without using any data or wifi, however recently, it will tell me that the phone " cant send MMS, and to check my APN settings. If anyone can help me solve this problem it would be greatly appreciated, as I send pictures all the time. Additional info: I have been using the app "Chomp" to send texts, however I have the same issue with the preprogrammed messenger app. Thanks!

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Check if your phone has not accidentally disabled APN settings, Kira: http://help.koodomobile.com/plans-add-ons-data-and-other-services/data-basics/how-do-i-setup-data-on-my-non-koodo-phone
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In addition to the above check if your data has been disabled on your phone. It needs to be on to send pictures.