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I cannot receive calls from magic jack numbers? although I can call those numbers successfully.

I have a Huawei P8 dual SIM phone and it is working fine so fine with the Koodo line as main SIM except that I discovered recently that I cannot receive any calls from magic jack numbers. I tried calling from different magic jack numbers and all were unable to complete the call. at the same time I can call any magic jack number successfully. please help to solve this issue although I don't have any blocked numbers on the phone.

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This problem is more likely on MagicJacks end. You may want to contact them and see what they have to say.
i already did and they checked and confirmed it is not from their side. i also had a problem earlier when i tried adding some add ons online, it didn't work out for me and i had to go to the koodo shop to get it done. i doubt that my number has issues by koodo themselves.
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Hey Ashraf! Chad is right, when it comes to calls not being processed, there's usually something wrong from the outgoing carrier's end.  This is not something that we can troubleshoot, and i'd suggest contacting them again if the issue is not resolved. Let us know if you have any additional issues with the add-ons!

I have the same issue i.e. Magic Jack USA user cannot call me on my koodo number. When the magic jack user call they get a french message that means the call is going to the Canadian exchange. We checked whether magic jack number can call my work number; and it was able to call my work number directly, and I received the call. The same magic Jack number was able to call me on my koodo number using the third party services e.g. Reliance.com etc. So, I think the issue lies somewhere between magic jack numbers and the Koodo exchanges across the borderline. So, what is the solutions?
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Vinay wrote:

I have the same issue i.e. Magic Jack USA user cannot call me on my koodo number. When the magic ...

You'd need to contact magic jack and discuss it with them.