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I Cannot make calls as fixed dialing number is on.I dont know my pin number

Acatel purchased 1 year ago.,cant get fdn off, even in settings.Can you please assist me.Thanks Jane Stevenson.

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Can you send me a message or email. I
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Try these instructions. 1. Find "Fixed Dialling Numbers" Tap Apps. Tap Phone. Tap the Menu key. Tap Call settings. Tap Additional settings. Tap FIXED DIALLING NUMBERS. 2. Turn fixed dialing on or off Tap Enable FDN or Disable FDN (depending on the current setting). Key in your PIN2 (default is 0000) and tap OK. 3. Exit Tap the Home key to return to standby mode.
please verify a new code with me. thanks
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Hey Jane,

Did you follow Chadwick's instructions? Let us know if you still need assistance.