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I cannot log into the Self Serve app

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I can't log in to the Android self serve app.
I can log in to the web version but not the app.
Does anyone else currently have this problem?

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Hi James, we don't have any reported issue with the app right now. Can you remove the app and install it again? Let's see if it helps! Keep us updated.Thanks!
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I sometimes have this problem, too. But all it needs is for me to delete and re-type my password. I dunno if you've tried that?
Tried that
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Did you register for Self serve already? (Before you use Koodo app on your phone)
i had a similar problem with mine i tried using the same password i use on my computer on the app but it wouldn't work What ended up fixing it was a password reset on my computer and it resynced my password on my app and now it works like a dream