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I can't send or receive texts and phone calls despite renewing my base plan + my talk booster

  • 30 November 2017
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Earlier today, I received a message from Koodo saying that they couldn't renew my base plan. Logged into Koodo prepaid self serve and identified the issue (credit card recently expired, so I updated my account with my new info). Renewed my base plan and my talk booster, payment confirmed. On my self serve, it now says my base plan and talk booster are active. 

However, it's been 5h and I still can't send or receive texts and phone calls. I tried restarting my phone several times with no luck.

Any idea what is causing this? Is there simply lag time after using self serve? Never had this issue before despite several months using Koodo prepaid self serve.

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1 reply

It was a wide-spread issue this week apparently. Called customer service and they were able to fix it.