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I can't find my original box that my phone was in, can I still use the 14 day return or is there a cost?

I went to the local kiosk today and I talked to them, they need my original box, I don't have it anymore due to finishing up my move and things being all over am I still able to use the 14 day return warranty thing or will there be a charge? I have the charger, earbuds, gel case. Just not the phones box.

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If the store is requiring the box, you can either talk to the store manager about making an exception, sell the phone privately, or keep it.
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Im not sure about the policy at shops but I know some retailers are able to take a product back without a box at a cost to you. Because phones usually go back to the manufacturer if they are returned they usually need a box. Most places don't like shipping a phone in a plastic bag.
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Just as a future reference, it's always good to keep the box for your phone as you'll get more for the phone if the box when trying to sell it on like kijiji or a pawn shop ect.