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I can't create my Koodo self serve account

Before, my account was joined with my mother. A few weeks ago, we separated the accounts at a local store and I was told to register a new account with my account number and everything, but when I try to create my new account, I receive this error: information entered does not match with the account info. I wrote my postal code and account number exactly as they are on my contract!

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Was it a Koodo store Alexandre? At the time of your activation we captured your email address already and sent a validation email to confirm thing. Have you gotten that? 
Yes I did recieve an email to confirm was account was separated! I can connect into my Koodo account, the problem is when I try to link my contract/phone with the said account
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Hey Alexandre,

Feel free to send us a private message via Facebook or a direct message via Twitter so we can look into this.