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I can recive picture from sms but not sent them

Hi i have an lg g3 i can't send picture even if my data are enabled i have checked the apn thing it's the same thing i already have and i can receive picture only send them dosen't work for some reason

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Do you have a data block on maybe? Go to your settings and confirm your mobile data is on
No they are not blocked i use them every day

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I noticed your signal is extremely low. Have you tried restarting your device and moving to an area with a better signal? You may also want to go into your settings and turn LTE OFF. There may be a stronger 3G signal available. Settings....wireless and networking....mobile network...network type... Set to wcdma only if possible.
Ok i'll try that
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Still not working
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Can you screen shot your APN settings please?
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On the page that shows your available APN. Is koodo the only APN available? If there are others, please delete them.
Yes only koodo
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Goto..settings....applications....messaging...clear the cache and data (warning this may delete existing messages).

If you don't want to do that, Goto the play store and download GoSMSPro or my favorite, Chomp SMS. Try sending the mms with either of those. If it works then the issue is the built in messaging app. At that point you could continue using the alternative messaging apps or clear the cache and data on the built in app.
[quote=XMelle Grenier]https://
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Send it to yourself.
It's workin with gosmspro but not with the default application
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Okay so the problem is your builtin messenger. Did you clear it's cache and data?
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So you can continue to use GoSMSPro or perform a factory reset (which deletes all your data and returns the device to out of the box state). Your choice really.
Ok but i still can't send picture to someone else with the other app
I can send it to my self but is not sent to the other person
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Send me a Facebook message and I'll give you my text number to send a picture message to. m.me/chad.burr If you're able to send to yourself then the system is working. The issue now may be with the other persons phone.
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So I was able to receive the message from you. So for sure the issue isn't on your end anymore.