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I can receive mms, but I cannot send them.

I can receive picture messages but when I try to send them it comes fails every time. I've tried 3 different phone's, 2 unlocked and 1 koodo, reset my phone, checked my settings and got a new sim card. I have unlimited text and picture messaging. I need this fixed.

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Hi Ashley! I see that you can receive picture messages but you cannot send them, here are some tricks you may try: Power cycle, are you able to send regular text messages?, make sure MMS is not turned off on the handset, check limits on MMS settings, check sms number in the messaging center (+16475800172) and MMSC: http://aliasredirect.net/proxy/koodo/mmsc , If not working Reset phone to factory settings - good luck
Hi Ashley ! Just on the top of what Mat said , are you trying to send picture or long text? if pictures what the size are they ? because the limit is 600 ko
i cant send message but i can receive?i can call but its not allowed to answer but i can receive calls from others whats this?