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I can not get into my phone I use a fingerprint and forgot my password after it restarted.help please

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Which phone do you have? You'll likely be forced to factory reset your phone and then be prompted to enter your google account password. If you have samsung and registered an account, you can unlock the screen with Find My Mobile. Not sure about other OEMs.
I have a Samsung 7
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Go to this adress and ocnnect to the service : https://findmymobile.samsung.com/ 

That's considering you have set up your find my mobile.
Thanks I did that and all good
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@Harry glad you fixed the issue.
Another possible solution for Androids (for anyone reading this thread) is to "Google lock" your phone. Boot into bootloader/recovery, select option for factory reset the phone. Once you boot the phone after that, it'll ask you to sign into your Gmail account (the same one you used that was linked to the phone). If you forget your Gmail password, you can go to any web browser to resolve that. In Google lock, there's also an SMS validation option.