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I bought an Samsung S6 almost 2 months ago, and now the right earphone (and the volume control) stopped working.

Sometimes when i straighten out the wire, it works, but the volume control won't.

Other earphones work fine with the phone.

Can I get these earphones replaced?

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Time to test out the warranty policy. Bring the phone and the offending component back to where you bought it, though its replacement value is probably best researched at a Dollar store, and you will waste more of your time and the store's patience than the component is worth.

IMHO, most of the OEM supplied accessories are not of first quality. I sprang for some $18 ($12 while on sale) for some decent Sony earbuds from Staples, and tossed the old Samsung set that came with the Note 2.
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Upgrade to some Bluetooth headphones and ditch the wires and forget about the ones that came with the phone like Bob said they're just cheap headphones not worth the trouble of warranty. Koodo sells some reasonable Bluetooth headphones called LG TONE PRO's and I highly recommend them for the price and once you get Bluetooth headphones you'll never go back trust me they make life so much easier.