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I being overcharged this months bill by a hundred bucks and I don't know why!

  • 31 December 2016
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My bill is usually under 80 bucks each month, with this recent bill it's coming in around 180.00. I have unlimited talk and text, and 2Gs of data that I have not gone over. With further inspection I saw in my statement that the fees were being forwarded to the December bill from last months, but last months bill was automatically withdrawn from my accounts November 14th, when it was due. [b]Why am I being overcharge?

3 replies

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@ SJR,  to understand why your December bill looks higher,  look at the section 'previous charges and payments' on your December bill so you can reconcile with your banking transactions.  Hope this helps!
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@ SJ Just a heads up that last month bill payment didn't go through on your pre-auth card and now it is past due.