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I am trying to understand my data usage, koodo mobile MB vs Data

New customer here, I am trying to understand my usage, I used 123mb of wireless data, not WIFI, my self serve account shows that I used 0MB / 1GB of data (my plan) and 123mb / Unlimited of koodo mobile. I have trouble understanding this. What is the difference between koodo mobile MB and regular data ?

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Because you're a new customer, Koodo gives you unlimited (within reason) data for ten days to get you acclimated and for all those apps you forgot to install over Wifi. After ten days you'll start digging in to your monthly allotment. Hope this helps
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Just to add to what Chad said, after your next billing cycle is over, you should see only your data allotment and whatever u have used... So it is very important that you keep an eye in your data to avoid overages, and pay careful attention to the alerts you receive about your usage... Welcome and enjoy the services.
Thank you guys.