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I am travelling, have been for a month and will be for one more month. I don't want to pay these two months I won't be using my phone. Help?

How can I suspend my service for the next month of phone usage that I won't be using, and can i receive any credit for this month of travel in which I have not been using my phone, but the plan has not been suspended?

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You cant receive any credit for the time already passed. The only option to suspend without paying your monthly fee is the seasonal hold which is still $15 as opposed to your regular rate, so there's no way to completely not pay. But its not worth it as you will be required to choose a new plan when you remove the hold.
Thank you for the info, actually, apparently they offer my current plan at a cheaper rate than what I pay currently. So the seasonal hold seems rather appealing.
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Then I don't see why you shouldn't. 99.9% of the time the plan is worse so its not worth it for a month or two but your one of the exceptions lol