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I am the account owner 3 Lines on brother lost his phone I cut it off and is a tab balance do I have to pay it

Lost stolen phone

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Your debt, your responsibility. Pay the piper!
Garry wrote:

Your debt, your responsibility. Pay the piper!

Umm. Guess u live off your mom and women to
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Hey Michelle,

If you cancelled this line, the Tab will be charged on the next invoice.

Let us know if you have more questions!
Yes I believe that is what happened but I am the primary account holder and I noticed my brothera number at the top now
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Excuse me but you can suspend the line without having to pay off the tab immediately. AAMOF everything stays the same.

You report the phone as lost or stolen which blacklists the device and cuts off service to the sim card. All of this can be done via self serve under helpful links.

You're still responsible to pay your bill as usual.

In the meantime you can either pay off your tab and use a new tab for a new phone or buy a compatiable device outright from eBay or Kijiji or even any prepaid device for telus or koodo at Walmart. Then you can Migrate your service to a new sim and just continue.

So you do have options.