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i am planning on buying an acer z110 phone unlocked which is an android phone and was wondering if i could hook it up to my koodo account

the phone i am looking to buy is an acer z110 android phone unlocked looking to put it on my koodo account

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If it's unlocked, should be good to go 🙂
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Mitchell Palmater wrote:

If it's unlocked, should be good to go =]

my mistake, spence is right.
I thought it said 3G in the description but I was wrong.
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uh,  no that phone is NOT compatible with Koodo.

When you buy a phone , make sure it has the frequencies that Koodo/Telus network supports;
2G is not supported by Koodo
3G :850/1900 MHz.
4G LTE : band 4(1700/2100 MHz).