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I am paying a Tab charge on a phone that was already paid for, how do I get help?

My younger brother is on my account and purchased a new phone at Best Buy. He paid in full, we have the receipt and transaction records but I am being charged a Tab fee. I emailed Koodo about it and was simply told "No you didn't pay for it". They completely ignored the fact I told them I have documentation.

What do I do? Who do I talk to?

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Are you sure he paid in full? Koodo won't charge a tab fee for nothing
Yes. He paid in full. We have the receipt and his bank statement showing the exact amount coming out of his account.
I don't know if the error is on the part of Koodo or Best Buy but something has gone amiss.
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Hi there...

I would say most likely you paid a portion of the phone up front, and the rest was subsidized on the TAB... Take a look at your Customer Service Agreement, you will see what the phone cost was, the amount paid in store and the amount subsidized if any... 

Keep us posted in case you still have more questions. 
No one is perfect so koodo if they made a mistake will make it right. Call 611 ask for a supervisor, explain get an email address for manager include documentation. The forum van guess all they want but they aren't the ones that bought this phone.
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Bradley Ryver Steffensen wrote:

No one is perfect so koodo if they made a mistake will make it right. Call 611 ask for a supervi...

It might also be reasonable to involve the manager at Best Buy, so they can not only correct your purchase, but also learn how they might ensure it does not happen to another customer.
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What phone e did he get a d how much did he pay for it?