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I am not getting full reception since I switched to Koodoo

I recently switched over to Koodoo to their $34 Canada Wide Plan. Prior to switching I was with Rogers. Rogers had amazing reception but it was expensive. I am currently using the Samsung S3 which I got unlocked. Rogers unlocked it for me since I got the phone from them due to my previous contract.

I put in the koodoo sim card and noticed that I only get 2 to 3 bars out of 4 for reception. I live in Montreal and at times in the subway I get all 4 bars. I get better reception in the subway than I do outside. This is really strange. 

Fido who is also owned by rogers now has the $34 Canada Wide calling plan as well. I am wondering if I cant get better reception with Koodoo maybe I should switch over to Fido.

Anyone know how I can get better reception with Koodoo? Has this happened to anyone before?

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Two to three bars should still allow you to make and receive calls. You can try setting your phone to 'WCDMA only' to see if reception improves. Go to: Settings > More settings > Mobile networks > Network mode - select 'WCDMA only'. This will prevent your S3 from scanning for a 2G GSM network which Koodo does not have. Let us know if there's any improvement in reception.
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Two completely different Networks. Your experience may vary depending on your area and proximity to Cell Towers.