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I am just trying to get out of Koodos strong hold

I had transffered my wind line to koodo postpaid about 4 months ago but i discovered I dont want postpaid again!!! I want prepaid. So i recently bought a new prepaid sim and now im trying to transfer my Koodo postpaid number to the prepaid. I go to the site, but in all the info the pin, account number and IMEI of the phone (right?) but now im trying to activate and its giving me errors. Please Im just trying to get out of Postpaid cause I dont need it. Ive tried calling them and Ive been on hold for the longest time. Like seriously? How hard can it be to transfer Koodo line to Koodo line? I also have no outstanding bill

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It would be helpful if you described the errors.

The most likely situation I can think of is that you are trying to use the same email address for both accounts, which sometimes causes problems.