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I am a customer whit Fido, but are being billed by Koodo

Hi! I sat up and account with Koodo in Vancouver at London drugs. How ever they found that it did not work with my phone as it is from sweden and does not accept your wave lenghts. So, we swopped to Fido, wich is working great. How ever, im now getting mails from Koodo telling me my e-bill is on its way and that i need to register for self-serv. Please help me out here, im not with you guys so please stop billing me.

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Did you cancel your account with koodo? When switching carriers you need to remember to contact them and cancel your account, otherwise you will still be billed. 
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Hey Märta-Stina! Andrew is correct. If you did not call in to cancel your line, you will still be charged for the services every month even if you are not using the service. Please give us a call at 1-866-995-6636 so we can process the cancellation for you!