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I added a US roaming booster. I did not work at all. No reception in the states

I have a motorola moto G2 got a US text and data booster when I traveled to the states.
My celphone lost reception as soon as I crossed the border.
I could not find reception the whole trip, I checked all the settings an enable all the ones that mentioned roaming options.
still did not work.
Why is that?
Is there any other requirement that I should know of?
I traveled from Ontario to NY state.

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Hmm no that should be it. Did you enable automatic network selection and try pulling out your SIM card back in and restarting?
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Prepaid or post-paid account?

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I'm presuming prepaid, and that the appropriate boosters show on your prepaid self-serve account.

You may have to reboot phone to re-set your SIM's connection. In [i]network providers, manually choose [b]AT&T. The phone should show [i]AT&T rather than [i]emergency calls only on the splash screen.

You will have to revert to [b]automatic or [b]Koodo when you return.