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Huawei Ascend Mate2

The Huawei Ascend Mate2 is a good (and cheaper) alternative for the Iphone and Samsung phones. Is it possible to ad this phone on a tab medium plan?

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Hey Noud, Thanks for the feedback. Have you checked out the Alcatel Idol X+? We offer this device at $0 on Tab M. It is a great, cheaper alternative to Apple and Samsung devices. That being said, we also offer the Note II for $0 on Tab M if you are looking for something with a larger screen. Cheers, Grover
Hi Grover, Thanks for your reply! I just landed in Vancouver as a new immigrant from The Netherlands. Looking into getting a cell phone now and one of my choices was the Samsung Galaxy S4. I can get that phone for free with a Virgin Gold plan via Best Buy. With Koodo I pay $ 200.- for the phone on the $ 300.- tab (which is basically the same as the Virgin tab). The thing is that I heard better reviews from Koodo as a company in terms of customer service, but to pay $ 200.- extra is a bit harsh. The Note 2 is a good option though, will look into that. I also find the plans in Canada are a bit limited compare to what I am used to in terms of data and calling minutes. Of course I realize I can't compare countries and have to deal with the best options available. I set my limit at max. $ 45.- before tax, so looking at the $ 40.- + $ 5.- tab medium plan. 300mb data seems a bit limited though, any special deals coming up? Best Regards, Noud