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Hi, I have an HTC One (M7) that was formally a Telus phone, but is now being used with my Koodo account. Unfortunately this means the over the air update for the M7 (Sense 6.0) doesn't register. It's available to Telus users through the auto update feature. Is there a mechanism to update without complicated ROM flashing? Thanks for the help.

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This is the only method I could find for getting updates from a new carrier http://htc-one.wonderhowto.com/how-to/get-your-htc-one-m7-ready-for-different-mobile-carrier-0151867/ This requires some tech knowledge.If it appears too difficult, maybe someone else on here knows a different method.
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Not ideal of course, however, you can go to a Telus store & kindly ask them if you can borrow one of their SIMs to check for the update. If Telus won't help, try a Best Buy, they're usually pretty nice. Or...get a pre-paid SIM from Telus.
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That's odd; a lot of updates should be able to be performed OTA through WiFi even without a SIM card by I'm guessing some phones were programmed that way. Just try and get your hands on an active Telus SIM.