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htc phone keeps saying out of service or searching cannot use it at all ...

HTC phone keeps saying searching or out of service ...I checked my status and it says its disconnected and its not it was working fine up till 2 days ago ! if it allows me to make a call we get cut off and a text keeps coming back saying message not delivered ! .....Really getting tired of having issues with Koodo! Strongly thinking of switching phone companies.......

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The problem may be your device. What HTC do you have exactly?
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Refreshing with a reboot could help a lot, or not at all, but try it.
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Hi Stephanie, sorry to hear your having issues, its not always Koodo related so try this: Back up your device > Do a factory reset of the device > and then try the things you were having issues with, if it works at this point, go a head and restore your backup and it should be working fine again. Best of luck
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Power off the phone, carefully remove the SIM card and inspect it for any damage. Inspect the SIM tray for any dust build up. A can of compressed air used sparingly can free lint or dust particles. Re-insert the SIM card making sure it seats correctly in the SIM tray. Power on the phone and see if this resolves the issue. If the problem persists, you may need a new SIM card. Take the phone to a Koodo kiosk, explain the problem and ask to try a new SIM card.
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Hi Stephanie, 

Have you tried a reboot (on/off) as rikkster suggested? If that didn't work, have you tried a factory reset as Chadwick suggested? 

Keep us posted 🙂